Henlo all synth lovers!

Blessed are those who posses the access to third full-length album by PSYBOLORD!

And for those who are not: oficcial release is on April 9th, so then you will be able to get to it on all streaming services, and the pre-order on BC is already open (yet it is much cheaper here) with the first SWR vinyl release!! Hurry up and grap your copy of one and only electronic Russian fairytale with some perks by Psybo himself for the first customers! Wanna see what Psybo himself thinks of the album? The full story is below!


Psybolord’s new album “Sirin” is a place where the love for Russian culture and electronic music are interlaced more than ever. The 80s and synthwave finally gave way to a unique fusion of folk themes, rave music and house “a la France”, and the cyber-bogatiry (Russian kind of legendary knight) took off their augmentations and put on Olympians and Nikes, the neon signs went out. But the content only benefited from this.

The third full-length album from the musical project was in production for almost a year, and was originally supposed to be a conceptual release dedicated to the poem “Ruslan and Lyudmila”by A.S.Pushkin. However at some point, Psybolord realied that he wanted to continue the development of the themes from the previous LP – “Swan princess”, while increasing the number of tracks with a folk component, continuing the format of individual musical stories told in the language of electronic music.

The main idea of the release is that almost every song is an episode torn from a fairytale plot. Here is the bird Sirin in the track of the same name who leads the village children into the thicket of the forest, where they go crazy turning into animals, arranging a rave on the forest edge. And here are the travelers in the track “Swamp Temple”, having lost their way, finding themselves in a swamp, where a cult lives, worshipping a bloodthirsty pagan deity. And in the song “Guest from Overseas”, the king arranges a magnificent feast for guests from distant countries. And the listener becomes one of the guests that the producer-owner of the terem (King’s Palace) conducts through the wards and shows various miracles.

Musically, “Sirin” is a crazy cocktail of genres that, nevertheless, get along well with each other. Among the other things, Psybolord decided to pay tribute to their favorite musical groups, stuffing the album with homages to the style and individual tracks of their idols. Among most clearly read are the fervent breakbeat of Prodigy and the nostalgic house beats of Daft Punk. And above all this, there is also a certainly some rock vibe.

Immerse yourself in an exciting journey with Psybolord through memorable for the producer cultural moments. Somewhere your road will be full of bright impressions and colors, somewhere dangerous and disturbing. Let the magic fur ball show you the way, welcome to the fairy tale!