The giant building of the Tyrell Corp majestically rose over the sleepless metropolis, piercing the night sky with its broken pick. The cars around him resembled ants, nervously fussing all around their anthill. A police motorcade slowly flied into this monster to arrest one of the corporation’s employees.

This night brought her enough money, and this in any case was better than the conditions at the circumstellar station with its insane cold and lack of air overall. She closed her eyes in a relaxed way, listening to the buzz of the city that did not sleep, and headed herself toward the cluster of advertising lights of the Chinatown.

There was no doubt: traces of one of the fugitives led to one of the nightclubs on Grove Street. Keeping his hand ready, Deckard swiftly entered inside the building, where the dancing madness reached its heat. Under a loud beat, dozens of people twitched in a single tact tirelessly and forgetting about the gray routine.

The moments that Roy had seen before escaping to Earth swept through his head. He witnessed the storming of Orion, where flocks of ships were smoldering. He remembered how the Rays of Death pierced the darkness of the Universe at the gate of Tannhauser. Many such things simply did not fit into the mind of any other person. However, Roy has seen it all and it was agonizing.

On the street where Deckard’s house stood, there was a drunken swearing and yelling. “Again, these fucking Russians relapse in to their old ways!” – thought Rick, nervously stewing a cigarette on the table. Since the Russians settled in the district, fleeing overseas from the adversities of the war with China, almost every weekend they did not do without drunken fights and the arrival of police.

Will Burn
Cold wet air burnt tired throat and lungs with admixture of emissions from this fucking factory. Even though endurance was her hobby – everything has a limit. Especially if you must live with the fact that you are twice outlawed. The cold ran over her skin when the door slammed shut behind her. She could not even imagine what to expect at that moment. An impersonal wanderer who bought her in the most lecherous place of this accursed city, could be capable of much. Very few people could find this place at all, but especially to leave it alive.

Three days remain until the cold touch of death through the fault of the creator. More than two years have spent to unfold implanted memory, two more years have been on the run in constant fear and searching for a fatal gene. And now, in the moment of an ultimate doom, once seemingly immortal, the body began its biochemical decomposition, but instincts invariably force to continue their search…

Robot FM
After another successful hunt, he got himself lost in the nameless crowd of his favorite Chinatown as usual. The humid evening smog engulfed everything, and only disturbing thoughts rarely visited his weary mind, interfering with his usual meal which was becoming somewhat of a ritual after a bloody routine.

Rachel could not believe how easily this detective could recognize her lie. But she just wants to be like an ordinary person. To experience joy, sorrow, to think irrationally, not to follow a given program. But however, is it so easy for people to be themselves and live in a constant rationality mode?

A white knight in the corner of the chessboard either questioningly or frightenedly bent its neck. None of them saw a live horse, even an artificial one. However, the replicant did not care about the emotions of the chess piece. He already saw the outcome of the party, and he was worried only about passing time. Precious time…

A small flying object were shuttling in the given trajectory to planet Earth. On its board there were several replicants who had escaped from the colony on Mars. Millions of kilometers were passed in a few months, and a small painfully familiar silhouette of the planet appeared in the distance. It was clear – home is alongside.

The stories of life on Earth were astonishing, but as soon as she took the first step on its surface and looked around the lifeless wastelands of the once-green planet, all illusions turned into industrial ashes coming out of the huge factory pipes. 

released October 6, 2017

Art by Psybolord