In the dark future, a merciless war for a place under the sun is being waged between the world’s leading corporations. The weapons are cyborgs, programmed for loyal service, destroying their “brothers in iron” for their masters’ interests. But what happens if the corporate control system fails, and the fighting toys stop killing each other and point their guns at people ?..

Brutal Pony Riders
They thought they had got rid of him by throwing him in his black Mustang into the ditch, and now the danger was over. They were wrong. The spirit of revenge for the murdered sister returned to earth, so that in the last race all the scum got what they deserved. The ghostly “Mustang” has begun its journey through this world, and there is no escape from it.

The world of phantasmagoria, previously hidden behind the veil of everyday life, opens its doors to daredevils who are not afraid to conquer the unknown. Through the thorns, like Christopher Columbus, they go to a bright dream, despite fatigue and difficulties. The main thing is to reach it before you wake up.

The red sun was sinking below the horizon, giving way to the darkness of the night. The sea whispered softly to the palm trees, whose leaves swayed gently in the breeze. The two lovers stood on the beach by the sports car and dreamed of a bright future that awaits them ahead…

The police are baffled, looking for a maniac terrorizing a quiet town in the province. It is impossible to predict his next move, he always finds a way to outwit the police and get away with it. The number of corpses is growing, people are in a panic. The authorities are ready to throw up their hands and admit defeat, when a young detective takes up the case, to whom the handwriting of the murders reminds him of his past…

Robot FM
The intergalactic liner is moving along the route Antares-N2HQ21. Crossing millions of kilometers, passing passing stars and planets, it moves, despite the dangers that lie in wait in space. Everything changes when a black hole appears on the ship’s route…

…It seems that the death of the ship’s crew is imminent. A little more – and only a microscopic dot will remain of the liner. However, the captain, gathering his will and strength in a fist, confidently leads the ship along a detour, trying to avoid the deadly danger as far as possible.