Maniac Lover
Ancient ruins are spellbinding the travelling spirits with there’s history which is forever forbidden for the future generations. The door into the beautiful and dangerous world which is disguised in walls of silence and dust will be opened only for the strongest.

Robot FM
Biblical commandments are buried in oblivion for several centuries. The neighborhood rules replaced them. If you look at the face you must hit. If you put to flight you must catch up. If you clocked clean you must finish off. No mercy for evil. The spirit doesn’t give the silent treatment, he wants to attack with the preventive strike. Be prepared to fight. Face-to-face.

Will Burn
The cruel spirit that is called for deprivations to all who deserves it or not. He personifies his destruction’s in the victim’s consciousness, weakening the central nervous system, paralyzing and immerging into coma the most primitive parts of the brain that are responding for the momentary decision making in the extremal situations.

The spirit owner of the city who’s going through the night streets’ colorful filth of the signboards and drinking cliques. That’s all done for only one thing – take a stop at the lonely hill, turn around and scream at the city, foretelling the future.

The smell of death is in the air. Feeling of the very end goes through finger-ends with the delicate cramp, but the will to live is resisting the despair and forces the body to be subjected to the spirit of the persistence. There is only one goal – to save the flesh, to demonstrate faith it’s debility against the will and wish.

Clamor of bells alerts about the impending danger. Innumerable regiment of prowlers are looking at the justice side. But despite of their numerical superiority there are still spirits of the ancients who can stand for liberty, equality and fraternity in this world.

Brutal Pony Riders
The spirit with the will for being the fastest is running without hesitation maneuvering between the celestial bodies just for outrun the light. Forms and borders of the reality are smoothing when the pilot’s soul is getting closer to the photon beam.

Wanderer, which is located between Past and Future. He is stacked out of Space and he must take over the Past. Cause the Future where part of him struggles, is looking like the world’s ruins which are voices of people who wouldn’t have been being able to build their cradle. But everything is in vain and he who’s surrounded by lost souls starts to turn into the phantom in which he’ll be forever closed in the Present.

The night phantom is moving through the moon route, directed by the time arrow. He conceales his attendance from the external observer cause he doesn’t throw any shadow on the surfaces. Therefore there is no opportunity to track him down, find his location and give a touch.

Escaping out of the limits of the knowable, being higher and stronger than anybody else, this spirit commands the space and time. He needs only a thought for changing the structure of vacuum around him, to fill it with the parts of another universe or to make an endless journey for finding his space brothers. 

released March 8, 2017