Like many adepts, hearing this sound, seeing these images, he seems to remember how he raced on his Lamborghini Countach in the gentle summer night past the neon signs that flickered as if trying to cause an attack of epilepsy. It seems like the smell of a metropolis cooling after a hot day, ready to start a busy nightlife. As if he heard a noble roar under the hood of a car with an indecent amount of horsepower. As if he will soon discuss with Gary Numan the merits of the “new” Roland D-50, at a price superior to the apartment in the most elite area. Memories of what never happened…

released June 19, 2018

Alexx Rave – representative of the scene, completely unrelated to Retrowave. But through many years of his musical career, he bears in his soul the bright neon emotions of the futuristic retro aesthetics of the 80s. It’s meaningless to deny this emotions. Occasionally, unable to keep the desire to share this feeling, he sits down in the studio and the tracks that are included in the Purple Moonlight EP are born.