It is like the Earth. But it’s not true. The information received about the planet TL205 proves the theory of an infinite number of variations of the worlds. Here well-known characters of fairy tales and stories live, but a different life. Cinderella is not really a human being here, Belle is a doctor, and what is more – the monster is her patient, who was irradiated strongly during a successful experiment. Alice is a programmer, and C.A.T.E.R.P.I.L.L.A.R. is an artificial intelligence greeting guests of the city. The probability of finding the access point to hyperspace is 99%.
Ok, leave a deeper analysis of the planet for later. Someone is trying to track me down by the fluctuations of energy. I must break away from them and not to endanger my world. Engines at full power …

released January 29, 2018