In a city that has long been devastated by an artificial life, a person with sound judgments is not uncommon, but the matter usually does not go further than words.
The prominent detail on this gloomy canvas is one of the rich spoiled people who made a fortune on the troubles of others. His difference from the others is that he became possessed by a single sensible idea. And sitting down at a table in a cheap eatery, he began a conversation with an ordinary teenager. He was not interested in the life of a mortal, so he immediately set out his life situation.
From the arguments about unshared love and life itself, he brings to the question: is this all necessary when the world is dying out? “It’s not” he said, answering his own question.
Breathing in a vapor of his inhaler, he left a stunned teenager, throwing him several tokens. He looked as if he knew what to do next.

released July 16, 2018