Here is the second album by our resident Lost Project – ‘End of the Road’
Following his last release called Cyberdream, which was more like cyber-thriller thing, this one is more of a dreamy kind. The monotonous yet engaging melodies with peculiar for Lost Project IDM-ish thrilling notes and guitar chords makes up an emotional road-movie kind of atmosphere.
However, the idea of dream goes throughout the Lost Project’s music, as this synthwave road movie is definitely not a realistic one. The audioscapes shift from a seashore flooded with moonlight to nuclear winter, and all that have that peculiar for synthwave releases cyberpunk tint. 
Musically this release is an example of retrowave looked at from unexpected side. Harmonics classic for the genre is used in an unconventional way with additions from neighbouring genres in order to create a familiar yet catchy sound. 

Release is available in digital and cassette variant, you can get digital soon on all the streaming services and cassettes here in our shop. Also available on BC for those who prefer the platform.

Released December 30th, 2021

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