Year 2040. After a devastating global conflict, the world is going through hard times. Titan City, once one of the most developed cities in the world, is now in the throes of total devastation. Dozens of bloodthirsty gangs flooded the metropolis, seized power, setting their own cruel laws. Peaceful residents, barely survived the war, thought that there is no return to peaceful life. However, everything changes when an unknown hero enters the path of struggle, sweeping away the criminal carrion from the city on his bike. Nobody knows his name, but everyone knows him as Neon Dreamer…

Neon Dreamer is a project that became a victim of FCR ( “I’m a Cop From The Future” – forever in our hearts, so Synthetics could not help but support. Our desire is to warn young producers from cooperation with this label.

released September 22, 2018

Cover: Zili Bober