WAIFUWAVE by Dooby Douglas


WAIFUWAVE by Dooby Douglas
The album from the main Russian vaporwave producer, otaku and our friend Dooby Douglas:

No matter what happens at home or outside the window, SWR is ready for the summer! Maybe someone's summer will start right now. On this occasion, dear listener, we present a new album by the legend of the vapor scene - Dooby Douglas! It includes tracks that have already become hits — I CAN FEEL IT, SECRET, DASAEV, HENTAI PRINCE. We will also note the participation of another legend of the Russian vaporwave rmnchitto!

The album "WAIFUWAVE" deserves the warmest and brightest words, has an unobtrusive atmosphere of a sea beach, where you carelessly bask in the sun in the company of your waifu.

Now you will know one of the main characters of our first end-of-self-isolation party.

Inspired by darknet mems and modern anime

released June 1, 2020

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