Decay of the Mainframe by Ferus Melek


Recorded on double-sided tape of excellent quality with body printing
2 options - with red or fully transparent case

There's a place called Octoparis in a distant future. Humans, both living and the dead are long gone and the evil mainframe rules the global network of computers. Until one day...

”Let Ferus Melek transport you away from your miserable lives with his latest release, Decay of the Mainframe. You won’t regret it.”
- Loron Hays, Reel Reviews

”Decay of the Mainframe is a must own and a showcase piece for why synthwave is such a magical genre of music. It's unique, a whole lot of fun, and guaranteed to have repeat spins!”
- The Echosynthetic

”Engaging melodies with addictive hooks make this one of the best synthwave releases this year.”
- Stephen Hoops, Sonic Observatory

Digital here -

released July 15, 2019

Produced and artwork edited by Ferus Melek // Mastered by Mikolaj Wieczorkiewicz // © Melek Publishing 2018

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