Conan the Cybernator


More than one hour of great sound recorded on double-sided tape of excellent quality, from the «Walras» with the last album «Witchcraft» 2018.
Cassettes production by GoTape.
St. Petersburg, 2018.

All participants in the compilation are fans of cult films such as Conan the Barbarian and the Terminator. One day, we got the crazy idea of putting two movie heroes together in one superhero image to recall the real composer genius of Basil Poledouris who wrote soundtracks for a lot of 80-90's films, including Conan the Barbarian.


released May 21, 2018

Design by Beaver River Art and Dreamweaver
Art by Psybolord

Special thanks to Highway Superstar for the name of the compilation.


all rights reserved

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